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We believe that you should enjoy what you have, enjoy every day, and make the best of both. Always be proud of who you are and grateful for what you have, but never stop learning, and being amazed and impressed by what you discover.

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Once you have bought and downloaded any of the courses on the Business Learning or Leisure Learning pages, and started to work your way through them, you’ll want feedback on your work, and you’ll start to ask questions, mostly relating to what you should consider when applying the content to your own business, or lifestyle. You will be able to e-mail us on a specific, online training e-mail address and submit your work on that section of the course, and ask your particular question. We will give you feedback and ideas as to where you can go next. We can only give our best professional advice based on the information you supply, and are not responsible for how you apply it, or what the results are – we have no influence on other elements in your business or private life which affect you at any time. We will do our best, in good faith, to help you, but accept no responsibility or liability for the consequences.


A series of inexpensive, very practical, downloadable manuals which give you the essential, basic information on a number of vital jobs and functions – e.g. SME management, sales, marketing, business letters, public speaking, business start-up, planning, etc. All based on years of experience, lots of tested and proved common sense, and hundreds of mistakes which you won’t have to make !


Personal information guides, currently under development, on a range of subjects which matter to people – redundancy, retirement, the mid-life crisis (yes, it exists!), career options based on using your strengths, etc. Based on a number of successful courses run for people in all walks of life, the many questions they asked, and what they needed to know.


Collections of short short stories, 1 – 4 pages long, 10 stories per collection, in a range of popular categories – romance, humour, scary, children’s, and ‘pick and mixtures’. All original – expect the unexpected! Some of these will become classics…


‘First of all I would like to thank you for the time and trouble you have gone to with respect to my application for funding. You certainly have gone that extra mile. I honestly believe that without your supportive e-mail I would have had to have funded the first module myself. It has been an absolute privilege to have met you and I hope our paths cross again in this great tapestry called life. God Bless you, my friend’

Assisted a redundant council professional to retrain as a religious minister, Herts

‘I really can't thank you enough for revamping my CV. I realise this is above and beyond your remit, and hopefully will be my introduction to my future employment’

Supported another training provider re job skills in Norfolk at less than 16 hours’ notice

‘I attended a Business Training course Paul was running ( on behalf of another provider ). He was incredibly welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable and a brilliant course tutor. His attention to detail was excellent and his enthusiasm for business is great for boosting morale. I would highly recommend his training skills in the future’

Interior Designer
Artist, Furniture Restorer

‘First of all I would like to thank you and Paul for the help you have given me in the last two days in Luton. You have been marvellous and all the candidates have remarked how pleased they are with your interview technique. You have been very professional, punctual and efficient throughout’

Regional organiser
Industry training board, following funding application interviews

I have no knowledge of Paul working with or teaching “students” but do know that he had fantastic working relationships with all the members of his own team (and his peers) and I therefore have no reason to doubt that he would have “effective” relationships with students. I have no direct knowledge of his teaching ability but I do know that he is an excellent communicator who would always ensure that he knew the subject well enough to enable him to convey it with passion and conviction’

Reference from a CEO to a regional college

‘Hi Paul, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you. I have just received my results and am pleased with a 91 out of 95 score. Six months ago I felt my world had fallen apart, but with the help of some wonderful people, you included, I am back with a vengeance. I have been offered a job with xxxxxx xxxxx Ltd at xxxxxxxxxxxx and I couldn't be happier. Once again thank you for all your help and support’

Security Industry Award course

‘This is a fantastic course that covers all aspects required to help candidates win employment. Paul is very experienced, well prepared, and presents his material exceptionally well’ ‘First class course, packed full of essential useful information. Provided me with the confidence and knowledge to start a business. So glad I went on course. Excellent’ ‘Loved everything about it ! Great facilitator, great group, learned a lot of useful information. Was brilliant and time well spent. Thank you Paul’

Employability course for Job Centre Plus

'Thought you would like to know how I got on in my English papers. In the December Mocks I got an F in my English Language paper and a D on my Literature paper, which is when we started working together. I received my results of the real GCSEs today and I think you will be delighted to know that I got a B on both my Language and my Literature paper, which is enough to get me into the sixth form of my choice and the courses I want to do. Thank you very much for giving me the confidence to tackle the exam and the skills needed to do well - this has no doubt highly impacted my life!’

GCSE English pupil
Essex, following private 1-2-1 tuition

‘Just had to send you an email to say that I am mightily impressed with your manual – it’s light hearted, amusing, optimistic - coping with redundancy is such a dry subject yet you have made it a very easy read. I've picked up so many tips - I never knew that a computer scans for words when you apply on line with a CV. Even now it’s hard not to think that redundancy is my fault, but logic kicks in when you are one of many’

Redundant civil servant
Essex, having read ‘ Redundancy, etc’ guide

‘Thank you for your email, I can see why you do so well - you go over and beyond what is required of you. I had not for one minute thought about what you are suggesting. Can you give me any names or sources to follow up?’

Redundant oil industry executive
Essex, following career counselling

‘Thank you so much for what you've done for Simon, and also for Sue Clifton who was one of my team. I understand that you've put her forward for some jobs too. I'm sure what you've done for both of them goes way beyond what you need to do in your role for R2R, and it's massively appreciated by me and Si'

Department Head
Public sector organisation undergoing redundancies, Herts, re employability skills training

'I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. ‘Paul St John Bennett is a superb trainer, has extensive knowledge and goes the extra mile to coach and provide invaluable assistance. Check out Paul's website when it will be completed by end of 1st quarter’'

, chauffeur-driven cars company, North Essex, re personal career guidance

‘Thanks again for running such a good course. I cannot imagine how people run their own businesses without the skills we acquired on it’

New sole trader
start-up, Essex

‘Paul was a great help to me when thinking about starting my own business. His advice has been invaluable and although I needed to complete my training as a Reflexologist before I could put his help into practice, it now means that I am well on the way to getting my business up and running. I would like to pass on my thanks and best wishes to Paul’

Reflexology & Holistic Therapist
Essex, re Marketing and Business Administration

‘Paul is a great mentor - whether on a training course with Paul or as a one to one client, he gives great, honest advice that helps to move your business forward, giving you the knowledge and confidence to achieve your goals!’

Employment engagement consultant
National charity, Cambs, re start-up training

'I hope that you had a very nice Easter and that you are keeping very well. I have attached to this e-mail my completed Business Plan and Cash Flow Forecast. I would be very grateful if you could have a look at my business plan and let me know what you think, and if it needs to, tweaking it. I would just like to say I thought the course you ran at the college was amazingly helpful, thank you so much.'

New credit control company, Essex, re start-up and confidence-building

‘Thank you very much for the course. It was very informative and inspiring, as well as being a very good social and networking forum for contacts & ideas. I am very glad I did it and have copied in xxxx xxxxxxx as I wrote to him very doubtfully at the outset, thinking it would be pretty much a copy of a previous course I did recently through xxxxx Job Centre. Instead, it turned out to provide everything I felt I had missed having at the previous course, so was completely worthwhile’

Professional sole trader
new service business, Essex, re business start-up training

‘Training with you was an incredible experience, a very relaxed atmosphere, where I had the opportunity to learn new techniques of performing better at my work place, including that when things go downhill, it is not because of me being stupid, but because I take little things for granted. I’ve learnt to 'take a breath' 'one thing at a time', 'prioritising', and 'delegating techniques'. It was a pleasure to have spent such a productive time with you, and I am sure that every one from the team feels the same. I look forward to future work together’

Established charity, Harlow, Essex, re management team training

‘Thank you for your help. I may indeed need to call on your help, and as you have been so comprehensive in such a short time you will be first on my list for further in-house training and development’

Expanding private food company, Cambs., re 1-2-1 sales management training

‘I am still pinching myself as to the reality of how smoothly things have been moving, even in this austere times. The security business is going on well and we have since added a few more contracted security sites, with an increase in permanent staff numbers from 5 to 10. Thank you again for the training which reassured me that I could go on and make my vision a reality’

Security company, Essex, re start-up course

‘Your knowledge was invaluable. Just having someone else’s point of view opened our eyes to a whole new way of looking at things. We have been helped with I.T., staffing and management issues, the marketing, and the layout of our shop. It’s all been very helpful in helping us see a way through to a profitable future. We just need to work on all the good advice’

Business Learning
business start-up, consultancy, sales and marketing, etc