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Paul St John BennettBensons Business and Leisure ( BBL ) was founded in February 2010 to provide a series of training manuals based on the most popular business subjects, as delivered by Paul St John Bennett and his associates over many years, to a wide range of organisations.

Paul dealt with everyone from Coca-Cola to one-man and one-woman bands ! often seeing how businesses should NOT be run, as much as learning from the best in their fields. That knowledge helped raise the standards and improve the results of many individuals and small businesses, and led to calls for help developing skills and strategies to cope with recession and growth.

BBL now delivers training courses across the East of England, including redundancy and employability support, micro-business start-up, and other essential workplace skills. In the last few years, there has been a demand from the public sector and charities for courses to help the Over-50s think about their futures and look at leisure time, health, their finances, their relationships, volunteering and part-time work or self-employment.

The way people learn has changed, and instead of going to evening classes, or travel miles to go on a training programme, more and more people will download a course so they can work at their own speed, when and where they choose. However, they still need to communicate with a real person to find out the answers to their own individual situations, which aren’t covered on a training course, and can’t wait until the next evening lesson.

In his own spare time, Paul started writing #shortshortstory collections, and The Galleywood Press came about, to offer a whole range of entertaining stories – great to download for those few spare minutes in the day or at bedtime when you need to escape from the stresses of life.

This website now offers;

  • A new Online Learning range of downloadable interactive courses, which means you can e-mail us with your concerns or questions, and we can relate the course content to your own particular situation, instead of a course which leaves you with more questions than you started with…..
  • Business Learning’s range of more than a dozen excellent inexpensive, downloadable, business skills manuals, including marketing, team leading, selling, speaking and presentation, interview preparation, business start-up, etc.
  • Leisure Learning’s entertaining information and advice guides will shortly be published for Those of a Certain Age !  starting with with Preparing Not to Retire !  to be followed by Creative Writing, both based on courses which Paul has successfully delivered several times, and which have proved very popular.
  • The Galleywood Press has more than a dozen original #shortshortstory collections, with 10 stories per book, among them Romantic, Happy, Scary, Funny,  Cats, Pick & Mix, and some Children’s stories. We particularly recommend ‘Scandal Comes to Little Gabbling’ – 10 funny stories set in a quiet English village which is not what it seems !
  • If you’ve any ideas about what YOU’D like to find on this website, please Contact Us – all constructive ideas welcomed – and Sign Up below to keep in touch, please. You can find out more about Bensons Business & Leisure, The Galleywood Press, and Leisure Learning on our Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn pages ( @bensonsonline, @thegalleywoodpress, and @bensonsleisure )

Thanks for reading this – we really hope you enjoy exploring the site !