Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I download publications from this site ?
A. Go to the Product group you’re interested in, and click on the cover picture of the manual or collection you want to know more about – a larger picture will come up with some information. If you want to buy it, click on it, and add it to your basket. When you’ve added all you want to your basket, Proceed to Checkout, making sure you tick that you’ve read and accepted the Terms and Conditions on the way. If you want the site to save your details and speed up future purchases, then open an account – it costs you nothing.

Check the contents of your basket, click to purchase them, and you’ll be automatically transferred to a PayPal payment process where you can pay by Paypal, or debit or credit card. Once you’ve done that and it’s been accepted, you should be transferred back within 10 seconds to ‘My Account’ where you can ‘Download’ your purchases, and save them on your computer, laptop, tablet or ‘phone, to read them when it suits you, or read them then and there !

Any problems or questions, use Contact Us.

Q. What is the Business Learning section about ?
A. There are a lot of jobs that people do, would like to do, or want to do better. If you work for or own a small business, or you’re self-employed – a sole trader –  or you work for a PLC and you’re not getting the training and support you want, there are probably a few business skills which you feel you’d like to know more about – the most popular are team leading, marketing, selling and speaking and presentation. These manuals give you the basic, practical knowledge and guidance you need to avoid making time-consuming and expensive mistakes, and to help you look and act professionally in the different aspects of your work. It’s worth downloading a selection of the most important ones.

Q. What will Leisure Learning cover ?
A. There are a number of issues and interests which affect a lot of people – being made redundant, and how to cope with it, how to prepare for retirement ( most people don’t want to retire, and certainly don’t prepare for it ! ), how to earn more and spend less – these guides will, over time, gather much of the most useful information out there today and save you hours of ploughing through websites and gathering brochures – we’ll do the legwork and will start you off in the right direction. At the moment, this is the last section we’re working on, but be patient – we’ll get there ! In the meantime, any ideas YOU have for subjects, please do Contact Us and let us know !

Q. How was The Galleywood Press formed ?
A. This is the home of an amazing variety of collections in a new genre – ‘short short stories’ – from 500-2500 words long, so most will fill a break while you have a cup of tea or coffee, or glass of something stronger, and you just want to switch off for a few minutes. They come in collections of 10, they come in different categories like Humour, Romance, Not to be Read Before Bedtime !, Ghost Stories, even Cats’ Tails !, etc., they’re all original, and they’re incredible value at £0.99 per collection. They came about because writing training manuals requires a lot of concentration and attention to detail, as you can imagine, because people are relying on the accuracy of the contents – so writing short short stories was our way of relaxing…..and suddenly we had 40…..and then over 100…..and here they are ! The beauty is, they’re all downloadable onto computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, so you can read one, or some, there and then or save them until bedtime or when you’re on holiday ! Ideal for ex-pats as well – we even have a fan-club in Oz !

Q. What is EoETA ?
A. It’s East of England Training Associates, which is a group of training providers, from individual trainers, to colleges and companies, of whom we’ve become aware over the years, whilst answering hundreds of queries about training courses, including home tuition for GCSE students. The clue is in the name – they’re based in the East of England ! but we also come across lots of education, training and learning information as part of our daily work, and our membership of, and contacts with, a number of industry associations. Although we don’t endorse any training organisation or individual, and accept no responsibility for their actions or quality, we will try and point you in the right direction if you have a query about a particular subject or course you’d like to know more about.

Q. How can BBL Proof and Editing help me ?
A. Many, many students, authors, marketing folk, and people running their own businesses, have to write degree theses, books, blogs, brochures and articles which need proof-reading and sometimes copy-editing. Proof-reading is just correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation – copy-editing is making small improvements in the choice of words, or the order in a sentence, to make the meaning clearer. We don’t make big changes, but we might make very minor ones if the original doesn’t seem to read quite right to us. This can be a ridiculously expensive but absolutely essential job and we were horrified at the amounts companies charged, so we decided on an inexpensive rate of £6.00 per 1000 words for non-technical proof-reading, £8.00 per 1000 words for proof-reading theses ( which can be paid in advance in instalments ), and an hourly rate of £35.00 for brochures and articles. Copy-editing is a little more – contact us with your need and we’ll let you know the rate. All work needs to be e-mailed to us, and paid for electronically in advance. Contact Us for more information or to request a quote.

Q. What can you do for my CV ?

A. We can usually transform a CV, as most of them, even some expensive ‘professional’ ones, are pretty poor ! We’ve designed and redesigned literally hundreds over the years, for school-leavers, those facing redundancy, those out of work for years, and those seeking promotion or a change. Give us the basic notes, answer a few questions, and we can produce a memorable CV for you, which make you sound like a skilled, experienced personality instead of a computer-generated also-ran ! You will need to tailor any CV for particular jobs, to include the right ‘keywords’ to match those in the job description, but we can give you a quality start ! A rough draft needs to be e-mailed to us, and our work paid for electronically in advance. Contact Us for more information – a generic CV of up to 2 pages costs £25.00, plus £5.00 for a generic Cover Letter.